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Building Surveying

Building surveyors offer and provide professional advice on all aspects of property and construction. They work on the design and development of new buildings as well as the restoration and maintenance of existing ones. 

The nature of the work may range from the design of large, multi-million pound structures to modest adaptations, repairs and sometimes includes working with buildings of architectural or historic importance. Building surveyors may be called upon to give evidence in court in cases where building regulations have been breached and as expert witnesses on building defects and dilapidations.

This is a very wide field and may include advising on various aspects of buildings at different stages.

What Skills Do I Need?

  • Understanding of defects and problems
  • IT competency
  • Adaptable to modern technology and equipment
  • Problem solving
  • Organised and Future Planning
  • Communication and Negotiation skills
  • Team player

Internships & Placements

Practical surveying experience is crucial for getting work as a Building surveyor. Most foundation and degree courses have a placement aspect to the course as do professional qualifications and graduate traineeships, allowing students the chance to apply their knowledge in a working environment. All experience puts you ahead of others when it comes to applying for jobs.

What Next?

Once qualified, Building surveyors have plenty of opportunities for career development.
You can work towards chartered status,

(RICS) Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

The RICS requires surveyors to complete what is known as an Assessment of Professional Competence which can only be completed once surveyors have undertaken at least two years of professional experience and passed an interview with a panel of registered assessors.

(CIOB) Chartered Institute of Building

CIOB also requires at least two years’ work experience alongside an accredited honours degree in a relevant subject.

Both the RICS and CIOB also offer various training opportunities to help surveyors stay abreast of changes in regulations associated with building construction and surveying. Once surveyors have gained chartered status they can take more responsibility in a company.

Delving into Project Management, helping architects and designers throughout a project.


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