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David Ellen

Studied Construction management at Birmingham City University

Just writing to give you a thank you to be honest because Brookfield multiplex offered me a job! And thanks for getting me along to the event and getting my application through to them! Nice one

Aamir Saleem

Studied Construction management at Birmingham City University

ConstructionChat has been a great resource as a student looking for employment. The website is a simple and effective tool for any student or recent graduate within the construction industry. I found Ashley & Conor very passionate and highly driven. I myself have benefited from Construction Chat, which has been influential in promoting my skills and abilities to the relevant companies.

Martin Wei Chian Lai

Master of Science, Project Management in Construction

Would like to congratulate you and your team at construction chat, you really manage to reach out and I admit I am a fan of construction chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Ian Stapleton

Founder of Football Gambia

It has been a pleasure working with Conor and Ashley, they are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, calm, professional and very creative. They used their influential skills to implement a Gambian school design brief for the 2nd year BSc construction school students at Reading University.

Dr Patricia ‘Paddy’ Woodman

Faculty Director Of Teaching And Learning (Arts and Humanities)

"You have achieved a tremendous amount in a short period of time and it's a shining example of the sort of student engagement, entrepreneurship and leadership that we really want to see and encourage."

Julian Davidson

Founder of Handybloke.com

"Love the new site. It seems to be evolving every time I log on!"

Sam Lareya

Senior lecturer at the university of Witwatersrand - South Africa

"The new website is amazing. A very useful resource for all construction students"

Randall McMullan

Education adviser and Writer

"The website looks really good - clean, open and 'tiled' (anticipating Windows 8!). But driven by good content which is also clean and open, with lots of room for expansions".

Sam Batty

Graduate surveyor

"I have just spent some actual time having a look through Construction Chat. I have to say that is looking pretty good. I am very impressed!"

Chris Hall

Graduate Surveyor, BAM Nuttal

"Love the website, good work"

Karon Curran

Construction Resource Technician

"The most valuable resource available to students and young professionals is undoubtedly each other. The opportunity to receive information, support, advise, guide and debate ideas greatly enhances the prospects of success and Construction Chat has been designed and built to do just that. In today's world of internationalization, networking and ever-changing technology a platform such as this is essential."

Simon Worrall

Landscape Architect

"A really useful website that helps in all Construction Sectors, also just brought the Fresher Pack looks great "

Dr Milan Radosavljevic

Director of Teaching and Learning at Reading University

"Built by our immensely dedicated students, ConstructionChat is a ground breaking platform for students to make the most of their time at university. I am proud we have such hardworking entrepreneurial students in our school. Watch the space, this is just the beginning!"

Laurence Stech

Graduate Building Surveyor

"Love it"

Kaushal Patel

Construction Sports Rep

"Looking very professional and great layout"

George Berry


"Very smart, Great work"

Chris Clark


"ConstructionChat is a great idea, love the work you boys are doing. Keep it up"

Adam Passfield


"An incredibly valuable resource for Construction students."

Mr O.J. Shannon


"A great platform for students to develop their skills and communicate with other students and professionals in the construction industry."