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Surveying Buildings

Written by: Malcolm Hollis

  • The fifth edition of this classic surveying text has been thoroughly reviewed and revised by its author, Malcolm Hollis to reflect recent legislation and RICS best practice. It is full of practical advice based on Malcolm Hollis’ experience of thousands of real-life surveys.
  • This newly updated version, the first in five years, sets the scene for the much-discussed changes to the home-buying process. It also reflects on the impact that recent events – such as glass failures in landmark buildings, SARS and the 9/11 disaster have had on building surveying practices.
  • This updated version contains: 100 new photographs; New case studies; A brand new chapter on identifying typical UK house types and their common defects.; Rewritten chapters on: Reporting – which reviews current and forthcoming survey requirements; Dampness – which draws together a wealth of good advice and detailed illustrations in one place Decoration and external failures; Added material including: Timber-framed dwellings are covered in more detail with new photographs to illustrate current buildings trends; Asbestos updates including a table assessing risk in buildings;
  • Updated advice on the passage of sound, buildings on brownfield sites, access for people with disabilities, and health in the indoor environment.
  • Written in a lively style and packed with colour photographs, diagrams and charts, Surveying Buildings is an essential companion to any building inspection. It will help practising surveyors and students understand: What to look for – How to interpret what they see – How to write an accurate report.
  • The text is full of technical insights and facts and figures, and points are illuminated by numerous photographs. Hollis discusses surveying errors based on real-life examples and guides the experienced surveyors as well as students on best-practice in order to reduce risk.

Malcolm Hollis is a leading authority on building surveying. He has worked throughout the UK, Europe and the Far East. He is professor of Building Surveying at Reading University and remains a practising building surveyor specializing in the diagnosis of defects in buildings.

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Surveying Buildings

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