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Project Management Demystified

Written by: Geoff Reiss

  • Project Management Demystified is Concise, practical and entertaining to read, an excellent introduction to project management is an indispensable book for professionals and students working in or studying project management in business, engineering or the public sector.
  • This third edition contains expanded sections on programme management, portfolio management, and the public sector. An entirely new chapter covers the evaluation, analysis and management of risks and issues. A much expanded section explores the rise and utilization of methodologies like Prince.


  1. Setting the stage
  2. Getting the words in the right order
  3. Nine steps to a successful project
  4. The scope of the project and objectives
  5. Project Planning
  6. A fly on the wall
  7. Resource Management
  8. Progress monitoring and control
  9. Prince 2 governance and methodologies
  10. Advanced critical path topics
  11. The people issues
  12. Programme management
  13. Issue and risk managment
  14. Terminology

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