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Pocket Surveying Buildings

Written by: Malcolm Hollis

Covers the whole building surveying process from initial preparation to final reports and includes tables, checklists, reports, summaries, and examples.

Designed as the perfect companion to the classic text ‘Surveying Buildings’ by Malcolm Hollis, this book is published in a handy pocket size so you can carry it with you when undertaking surveys and refer to it instantly on site!

Changes from the old edition include:

  • New property datasheets will aid you in making quick period identifications of residential properties, simplifying the detection of common defects.
  • What’s in the Home Condition Report.
  • References to RICS guidance notes.
  • Gives update in building legislation including insulation of flat and pitched roofs.

Malcolm Hollis is a leading authority on building surveying. He has worked throughout the UK, Europe and the Far East. He is professor of Building Surveying at Reading University and remains a practising building surveyor specializing in the diagnosis of defects in buildings.

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