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Materials in Construction

Written by: G.D. Taylor

Materials in Construction: An Introduction presents a clear and accessible introduction to the principles, practice and performance of construction materials. This new edition is being published as a companion to G. D. Taylor’s forthcoming Materials in Construction: Principles, Practice and Performance – an advanced text that will develop the topics presented in this book.

The coverage of a wide range of construction materials provides a comprehensive foundation to the subject, and includes an overview of performance characteristics and standards for many materials. The text also reviews material properties, and examines and evaluates modes of deterioration while emphasising preventative techniques and remedial treatment. Throughout the text carefully devised example experiments and questions support the theory and practical information.

  • Materials in Construction is an essential handbook for any student studying materials as part of a construction course at BTEC NC/D, HNC/D and undergraduate level.
  • Features – Covers the major materials found in the construction industry.
  • Provides an understanding of the principles, behaviour and limitations of materials.     
  • Explains the interaction of materials with each other, for example, movement problems.               
  • Updated throughout to include reference to current standards, theory and practice.          
  • Increased coverage of environmental issues and “sustainable construction

GD Taylor was Principal Lecturer in Construction Materials in the Built Environment Division of the School of the Environment, University of Brighton. He has undertaken extensive research into movement in concrete and time-dependant movement in timber

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