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Intelligent Buildings

Written by: Professor Derek Clements-Croome

Intelligent Buildings provide stimulating environments for people to work and live in and operate with systems that provide communications and conveniences for various functions to take place, however society and building owners or tenants demand more than this. Buildings are long-term assets so need to be economical, durable, flexible, adaptable and sustainable. There are many stakeholders involved in the process of building a new intelligent building or updating an old one. There is also a need to recognise the pace of change not only in technology but also in society.

Intelligent Buildings must demonstrate whole life value. This means an integrated team approach to design, construction and facilities management is essential if a comprehensive set of performance measures are to be implemented and achieved. Written by a collection of prominent figures, this book brings together a body of the latest knowledge about design, management, technology and sustainability set against a background of developments in the cultural landscapes, which affect those living and working in buildings.

This book will appeal to architects, engineers, practitioners and all stakeholders who are involved in promoting, designing, constructing or operating buildings. This will include building owners and clients as well as facilities managers and those who design and construct buildings. It will also serve as a reference text for students in architecture, building environmental engineering and other courses concerned with the built environment.


  • Intelligent buildings
  • The intelligence of intelligent buildings
  • Building environment, architecture and people
  • Information technology, communications Systems and artificial intelligence in intelligent buildings
  • Design in the computer age
  • Engineering intelligence through nature
  • Financial analysis and investment appraisal
  • Organisational strategy
  • The management of design
  • Managing construction projects
  • Facilities management
  • Case studies
  • Culture of living and working
  • Sustainable architecture

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Intelligent Buildings

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