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An Inclusive Environment

Written by: Maritz Vandenberg

An Inclusive Environment provides an A-Z Guide to Legislation, Policies and Products.

People can be excluded from freedom and the good things in life by age, disability, poverty, unfair discrimination, crime or the fear of crime, and arrogant and unresponsive governments.

This practical reference deals with all of these factors, and shows the links between them. In addition to several hundred shorter notes it includes over a thousand major entries, each of which comprises: a summary of relevant facts, incisive commentary to help readers cut through the fog of jargon and propaganda that confuses many of these issues and websites where the latest information may be found. It concludes with a detailed bibliography of around 500 useful references.

The work will be found useful by professionals and managers in all walks of life; by central and local government officials and representatives, and by students in the social sciences. It devotes particular attention to the all-important Disability Discrimination Act, and numerous detailed entries, accompanied in many cases by elegant diagrams, suggest to architects and other designers, facilities managers, and personnel managers how the requirements of the Act may be met.

  • Complete coverage of all the legal requirements for access to buildings with services organised in a helpful A-Z structure.
  • Clear and detailed hand-drawn images help to provide clear explanation.
  • Extensive references to all relevant legal and regulatory materials.

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