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Contract Practice for Surveyors

Written by: Phil Griffiths, Simon Birchall & J W Ramus

This book provides a detailed guide to the principles and practice of construction contracts. It is written for both students and professionals working in all branches of surveying and construction. Based around the JCT 05 Standard Building Contracts, it has been fully revised and updated to reflect the latest versions of these contracts.
The book sets out clearly what should be done at each stage of the construction contract process. Each step is illustrated with examples of good practice making clear the role and responsibilities of the surveyor and how responsibilities are best delivered.
This fourth edition of Contract Practice for Surveyors builds on the book’s reputation for clarity and simplicity to provide the most accessible and useful introductory guide to construction contracts available today.

  • Clear, simple and easy to follow guide to practice and procedures.
  • Examples of best practice throughout.
  • Fully updated for the latest revisions to the Standard Form

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