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Construction UK: Introduction to the Industry

Written by: Ralph Morton & Andrew Ross

This readable overview of the nature and history of the construction industry offers a clear understanding of how this vast and complex industry operates. Exploring its main features – the markets, the principal players, and ways of working – it provides a strong basis for further study.

Construction UK: introduction to the industry takes a fresh approach to today′s key issues – sustainability, safety, efficiency, employment practices and procurement. Students and all those interested in the built environment – architecture, engineering, surveying, construction – will find this a highly accessible and stimulating approach.

It explains why things are the way they are and investigates the powerful trends for change.This new edition is updated with:

  • The latest DTI statistics, including new information on causes accident
  • An examination of the effectiveness of initiatives post–Egana
  • A new section on the influence of European initiatives
  • Expanded coverage of sustainability and the environmental drivers affecting construction – as well as the industry′s respons
  • An enlarged section on labour resources and the skills gap
  • A new look at the role of IT and how it is changing the design, construction and operation of buildings
  • New case studies on Holyrood and on Wembley Stadium.

This edition has been updated by Andy Ross, Head of Construction Studies, Liverpool John Moores University

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