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Building Information Management

Written by: Mervyn Richards

This book is a guide to BS 1192:2007 Collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information, the standard that provides a best practice method for the development, organization and management of production information for the construction industry.

It explains in detail the processes and procedures needed to improve the quality of production information. It will help designers prepare the information before passing it to a construction team to enable a project to be constructed.

These processes were previously well-defined and managed in a paper-based filing system, but with the adoption of new electronic technologies, the need for good management has been overlooked.

The adoption of the management processes required to manage information throughout a project lifecycle will also allow the move from a document-centric environment to an information-centric environment unlocking the power of information technology. industry.

Mervyn Richards (Director and Principal Consultant for MR1 Consulting Ltd.) has an established position as an expert within the construction industry.

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