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Grace is a 2nd year student at Nottingham Trent studying Architectural Technology & Design

Introduction to Architectural Technology, This book helps a lot with my work, especially with advanced production and its only £10.


Greg is a 2nd year student at Reading University studying Quantity Surveying and Construction Management.

“This year I brought a few good books from this website, Building Pathology by D.S.Watt and The Construction contracts by Hughes and Murdoch

sam logan

Sam has just successfully completed Construction Management and Surveying at Reading University.

Contract law by Murdoch and Hughes and Brandon’s Cost Planning really helped me in quantity surveying Bsc.”


Adam is a 2nd year student at Reading University studying Quantity Surveying and Construction Management.

“Going through my first year at reading I found The Construction of Houses a huge help for my exams.”


Gemma is a 2nd year Student at Reading University studying building surveying programme.

“I found Environmental Science in Building really useful for the construction science module as it supported the material taught in lectures and explained the topics well. It will also help with one of my second year modules.”

james 02

James is currently at Nottingham Trent studying Quantity Surveying and Construction Commercial Management.

“The books I found most helpful in my first year were the Management Theory and Practice and Building Construction Handbook, they were easy to understand and aided me through my coursework assignments.”

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