A Chinese company plans to build the world’s tallest skyscraper in just seven months using pre-fabricated components slotted together like a Meccano toy.

The 90-day challenge is supposed to start January 2014, the 220-storey tower will sprout module-by-module from a piece of farmland in the south-eastern Chinese city of Changsha.

The main contractor, Broad Group and its chairman Zhang Yue have stunned the world before — first in 2010 by building a 15-storey hotel in 48 hours and again a year later by stacking together a 30-storey tower in just 15 days —


this latest creation, nicknamed Sky City, is the most audacious and aptly named: After the modules are stacked at a rate of roughly five storeys per day, Sky City will boast a hospital, a school, 17 helipads, and enough apartments to house 30,000.

The prefabricated tower — “prefab,” as the technique is already dubbed — will rise 10 metres higher than the current tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, and according to Time.com it will rise a whopping 24 times quicker. For all its wonder, though, Sky City is not the culmination of Mr. Zhang’s lofty ambitions.

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