Purchasing real estate can often score some surprise abandoned stuff left by the previous owner and one arcade fan has just hit jackpot as the grandmother of his girlfriend discovered an untouched 1980′s retro games arcade in her new building.


She bought an abandoned building in the Chiba prefecture in Japan (just outisde of Tokyo). Little did she know though the property contained 2 floors of arcade games which had sat untouched since the 1990′s.

Some of the classics include, Tetris, Donkey Kong (which refound fame in the documentary King of Kong) and three different versions of street fighter. Over 55 of them are working, with a lot suffering from monitor damage that won’t turn on. Others you may remember include Galaxian, Metal Slug X, Raiden 2 and Pengo.


The granddaughter’s boyfriend has inherited the games as the grandmother does not want to keep them. He says he plans to sell off the games and game boards of the machines that are not working and is even willing to take pre-orders from the U.S..


It’s crazy to wonder how things like this go untouched for decades. Reddit user Hamilton5M explains, “In Japan, when a business goes bankrupt they put everything aside nicely, close the door and leave. Stuff can be like that for decades.” He followed up by saying, “So one can find fully stocked bars, hotels, and stores. All closed for years with full contents,” which might leave you with a strange interest for Japanese real estate.

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