The ‘pink paradise’ guest house in Essex complete
with unicorn sculpture and fairy lights in every window. A mansion guest house which boasts an exterior painted entirely pink and an explosion of flowers and fairy lights inside has recently popped up in Tiptree.

Eaton House’s fun and frivolous garden features a unicorn sculpture perched on a bed of pink flowers surrounded by gold heart-shaped stepping stones, a fireplace, hot tub, and pink flamingos.

It is only just completed but the luxury property in the Essex countryside already boasts a stellar list of previous guests including rapper Iggy Azalea, TV foodie Gizzi Erskine and model Felicity Hayward. The Green Parlour features as one of two living areas. It is designed in a modern heritage style with fluffy rugs, Louis XIII furnishings, modern photography and an antique mirror decorated with stuffed birds.

The second living space is the futuristic Universe Lounge which is lit in blue and features a pool table, Agent Provocateur framed images and a hallway with Hawaiian-themed and gold glitter wallpaper.


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