Up until now there hasn’t been a cost effective way to stop incorrect materials entering your production facility…NOW there is and it’s called the identiPolQA2

If you are unfamiliar with the identiPolQA2 please let me explain how it can help you to avoid incorrect / contaminated plastics entering your manufacturing process which in return could potentiality damage your company’s reputation and end up costing you valuable time and money…

Most polymer extrusion / moulding processers use a Melt Flow Indexer (MFI) for materials Quality Assurance (QA).  Unfortunately this only tells half the story.  Are you aware of the following?

  • MFI gives a single number for the materials’ flow properties
  • MFI of plastic melts give little information on the moulded / extruded product properties
  • Plastics having an identical can have significantly different properties in use, e.g. impact strength and dimensional stability
  • MFI is blind to the presence of plastic contamination unless it is sufficient to have an effect on flow properties

The identiPolQA2 is already a proven aid to helping major companies ensure that either their injection moulding or extrusion process runs smoothly.  Please take a moment to visit our website where you can watch a short video made with the help of a long-standing identiPolQA2 user.


If you are interested in this revolutionary Quality Assurance instrument and would like to see what it would offer your business in the form of product manufacturing reliability, please contact Sharon for a free demonstration, free technical advice or a free sample testing.