This incredible infinity pool belongs to the Mirage house, which will be built on the Greek island of Tinos.
Exactly the place I want to be right now!

This 2,131-square-foot cavernous house designed by Kois Associated Architects is conceived as an invisible oasis, most of the building is buried in the landscape, so the residents can enjoy panoramic views over the Aegean Sea without giving up their privacy - act as a huge mirror to help the building camouflage with its surroundings.


Dry stone walls will surround sections of the interior and also frame the building’s entrance. These are designed to reference the traditional walls that can be spotted all over the scenic island landscape.

Some of our clients’ major concerns were visibility and privacy,” project architect Nikos Patsiaouras explained: ”The elements that stirred our imagination most were the linear drywall constructions that articulate the landscape and the scattered shallow concrete water-reservoirs used for agricultural purposes.”


The team also plans to add rammed-earth walls around the rear of the building, with layers of vegetation that will help to create a cool internal environment.

The house will be located on a natural plateau, allowing for a simple single-storey layout. This will include three bedrooms and a separate kitchen, as well as the outdoor living room.


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