Hello Construction Chatters!

It has been a few months since I last introduced myself to you the CC readers and I have been asked to provide an update the going’s on in the life of The Apprentice-Ship. Of course I am more than happy to do so, its a pleasure. I received some heart warming feedback on my first post HERE so I am more than happy to update you all on my latest goings on.

I have now been in Australia for just over three months, and to put it bluntly – it is blooming lovely!

The Australian journey began in Brisbane, where myself and my other half stayed with my sister and her other half just outside of the city centre (CBD – Central Business District). Not one to sit on my lorells I began the search for work the day after. I sent email after email after email, and a few more emails to companies in and out of the city; all over Australia. It was weeks before I even got a reply. All the talk of their being lots of work over here are very true but you really need to know someone who knows someone if you’re to get it straight away. I unfortunately did not and was solely relying on my C.V and Blog to do the work, which in turn, did just that. I was offered work soon after. The work was with a local company who we’re scheduled to re-point one of the oldest buildings outside of the CBD. It was great news! I really didn’t want to turn my back on Heritage work after all the hard work I had done with The Prince’s Foundation so I jumped at the chance. There was only one issue, the scaffolding wasn’t ready – sounds familiar huh! The weeks past and I was getting used to the Monday morning phone call stating the scaffolding was still to be completed ‘it will be next week now’ this continued for all of three weeks before I decided to give it up. During all the my other half Emily was enduring her own struggle for work. Brisbane is a lovely city and one I recommend you visit, the only problem right now – it is over run by travellers. There is just no jobs available. It came the point after four weeks of trying that we both decided it was time to cut our loses and move on, we booked our flights and a couple of days later it was goodbye Brisbane and hello Melbourne!


Melbourne is much bigger than Brisbane, there is so much more to do, more opportunities and alas more work. It took a total or two weeks in Melbourne before we had both secured jobs, and good ones at that! Unfortunately for me I didn’t get a job in the Heritage sector, not that I didn’t try but it seems to be somewhat of a clicky natured sector out here. I did though, land on my feet. I gained a job with a Stonemason who had a job just outside of the city, who I actually met at the Melbourne Grand Designs show that I visited. Graeme Aldred the owner and stonemason for Aldred Stonemasonry had a stall at the show and was showcasing his work to great acclaim, he was commend by hundreds of people and even Kevin McCloud himself. Graeme was really impressed by my portfolio and my blog and gave me a call a few days after our initial meet to offer me a position to work with him. I have always wanted to hone my stone masonry skills, I have always worked with stone but never really made it my priority. I finally had the chance to do just that. It didn’t take me long to accept.

I have now been working with Graeme since December, and I can honestly say, it is one of the best jobs I have ever had. Graeme himself is very much like myself, driven and up for a laugh so being at work is a pleasure. The project we have been working on includes two pillars and wing walls at a dwelling entrance. I have never worked with this stone before but I have really enjoyed the experience, working with a new material, learning from Graeme and in turn becoming more of an all round craftsman. The one thing I am still getting used to is the weather; its hot! Working with stone, lifter, shaping and laying stone is a hard enough job without it being 40c. This is something that I have found difficult but you know what they say – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I really should be keeping track of how much water i am drinking during this journey because I can assure you its a lot.

The currently plan is ever evolving and our next stop is yet to be fully decided as we’re just waiting to see where the next offer for work comes from. The plan is however to keep moving. I have really enjoyed and slightly fallen in love with Melbourne, the people and everything about it but I am not going to see much staying here.

The journey continues!
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