Shaun Bagnall’s ‘pop-up’ design

The Nottingham Trent University first years students BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology worked on a live project to design a ‘pop-up’ cafe within Nottingham for a small successful business.

The ‘pop-up’ kitchen was a brief given for their Design Studio Project 6 module, which collates to a third of their total year marks. The brief was to work withThe Kiosk Cafe, located in Sherwood, Nottingham. The cafe wishes to open a second branch within the city centre and must appeal to audiences that reflect that location, as well as trends, popular styles and design approaches of the modern day.

The first year students were given a choice of locations in Nottingham including Market Square, The Castle Gates, The Lace Market and Hockley in which to fit their design space. Alongside choosing one of these specific locations, Kiosk Cafe also provided a set of ‘brief requirements’ for the building, including that it is: aesthetically pleasing, protected from all weather, realistic and affordable, suitable for six units and a display counter, ventilation and a clean water supply.

10388431_10154215443825383_225006534_nShaun Bagnall, one of the first year BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology students who worked on the project explained that: “The project allowed complete freedom of the design alongside learning about green roof technology which I thoroughly enjoyed about it. This project helped me distinguish between an extensive and intensive green roof and how they could both be practically used within my design.”

When asked about his final design (shown below) for the ‘pop-up’ cafe, Shaun told us: “I wanted to keep my final idea simple, which is why I decided it to be ‘L’ shaped, split into two sections; an internal seating area and the kitchen. I wanted this to match the original and therefore used the same window set-up and seating area. I also included two separate green roofs to increase aesthetics for those looking down from above apartments, alongside growing fruit and vegetables.”

shaun 1

shaun 2 shaun 3

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