No one knows for sure what the job site will look in 10 years. How will technology progress and what role will it play in construction? Let’s look at some trends that might impact how construction will be done in the future.

flyingrobots-6-300x300Athletic flying machines? Say hello to quadcopters! Robots that think like athletes, solving physical problems with algorithms that help them learn. Quadcpoters (aka quads) have a simple design with a frame, an electric motor and four propellers that allow them to roll, pitch and accelerate.

In a warehouse in France, four quadcopters worked together to build a 20-foot tower with no human interaction! Pretty amazing, these little flying machines worked in unison without colliding into each other and they had the intelligence to know when a part is placed correctly and locked in place.

Raffaello D’Andrea and Federico Augugliaro have been leading research in this space. They are looking into how quads can interact with their environment. As a result of work like this, construction may become something that is solely done through a computer terminal. Imagine the future…you design a building, plot the robotic courses (for the quads) then hit the start button and watch your vision become reality!

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