hhjCraig Hellen
Operations Director at Bexcopter
University of Portsmouth.


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I studied Product Design and Innovation at the University of Portsmouth, graduated in 2007.

Did you always want to be in Construction? If not what made you change…


So we came into the construction market from a very different angle. After setting up my original business, Bexmedia after leaving university, I realised that one of our key strengths is how we embrace new technologies early, finding new markets and applying them.

In the last year or so we started looking at using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) for flying video cameras around the sky. This led to us realising that the construction industry could use this technology for more niche operations such as roof assessment, high level photography for BIM, mounting infrared cameras for fault detection or heat leaks etc.

So I guess the answer to the question is, no I did not see myself dealing with this market and we changed due to the need for the technologies that we harnessed, if not entirely for the purpose we had originally intended. But hey that’s business!

Setting up your company and entering into the Construction market

When I set up the original company Bexmedia, it was a gut feeling, we are a service based video production company based in Gloucestershire. There was a gap in the market for video production and motion graphics, my aim was to fill this gap within the local geography to widen our horizons organically as time passed.

The bexcopter (our brand for the aerial video and operations service - see below for link) took a little more thought. We are dealing with disruptive technologies, complex legal issues and having to be at the forefront of a very new market. We wrote down market segments that we thought bexcopter could apply to, putting numbers to everything.

Finally after making a few mistakes along the way we had a great product to sell into the various market places that we see this making an impact. Perhaps a full business plan would have been useful here, perhaps it still is…

Future aspirations for yourself?

Personally I want to see both sides to the business grow, they complement each other and can either work mutually exclusively or hand in hand. I have some great support and help supplied by the University of Gloucestershire, along with some superb staff members that are instrumental in the success of both ventures. We always aim to keep ahead of the curve and we have some very interesting ideas around LIDAR from UAV’s which we are looking to roll out over the coming months.

I still want to have fun with what I do, otherwise what’s the point!

Work life balance at the start of a business is very hard to achieve but if I have had a bad day I can, when we are blessed with good weather, go skateboarding and get ready to take on the next.

Please feel free to ask any questions for Craig Helen below…