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Randall has written many books on technology, computing, education and training. Most recently Environmental Science in Building, which covers the science, technology and services that relate to our human comfort and the environmental performance of buildings.

Recently I have been doing involuntary professional development as I supervise Block Courses in Construction Project Management. The courses, at Unitec Auckland, lead to a Graduate Diploma. The participants are construction managers who are busy ‘doing it’ in the industry and the programme has a similar ‘flavour’ to those that we used to run for London construction managers to give mature entry to the CIOB.

I don’t have experience in modern construction procurement but I learned a lot as I listened to Associate Professor John Boon lead student-managers through the options. He drew on his wide knowledge and experience in the UK and New Zealand and related it to local construction programmes in Auckland. It was interesting to listen to some of the participants think their way through the mechanisms of Strategic Partnering. For example, ‘if it was their digger who made the error then surely they should take the blame’ ….etc. No, there is painshare in order achieve gainshare. The adversarial approach to contracting takes time to die, especially in a land of rugby games!

The construction industry in the wider Auckland area, especially civil engineering, has been ‘enjoying’ a boost of major infrastructure works on road and railway systems. Alliance Contracting has been a successful feature of these projects, especially for completing the projects before time and below budget. Recent and on-going projects include:

  • Renovation of major bridge – Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • Replacement of critical motorway viaducts – Newmarket, Auckland
  • Motorway extension with major tunnels and bridges – Northern Gateway Toll Road
  • New motorway bridge – Manukau Harbour Crossing, Auckland
  • Alternative motorway route through Auckland – Waterview Connection

Below has a roundup of web links to projects with links to a mixture of technical and visual information.


Alliance Contracting – Practitioners’ Guide  - Useful source of information about alliances and strategic partnering

Downtown Auckland Victoria Park Tunnel - Time-lapse of a heritage masonry pub being moved out of the way of cut and cover. Later it was moved back. Priorities!

Western Ring Route Flythrough of NZ’s largest ever sing roading project, just starting.


Auckland Rail Electrification Overviews



Randall McMullan

Unitec, New Zealand