Josh TrimmerJosh Trimmer
Site Manager at Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)

For students, graduates and young professionals there are some really great opportunities available within the construction industry and in the early stages of your career the most important thing is to broaden your horizons, soak up as much information as you can and gain as much experience as possible to catapult you into your career. Joining the CIOB is undoubtedly a step we all attempt to make, a way of measuring when we are competent and exceling in our work, which is ultimately what being chartered is all about. Being chartered demonstrates that we have gained the skills, competencies and expertise which is vital to our career development.

The CIOB is commonly known for putting on events and seminars on industry issues as well as sending out magazines and bulletins on changes within the industry. What appears to be lesser known is that there are groups within each CIOB branch specifically aimed for the next generation of construction professionals, these groups are known as Novus groups?

The CIOB Novus is a young professional’s branch of the CIOB. Members of the Novus range from students to recent graduates to company directors with years of experience under their belt.  Novus groups offer support with routes to membership and knowledge improving seminars as well as many social and networking events. The Novus is ultimately a way to improve us all as professionals within the industry, whilst being able to meet other people in the same position as us in our areas, expanding our contacts, knowledge and professional image all in one go.

I have been involved with my local Novus group for only a matter of months and the experience has helped me greatly, I now have a network of contacts, outside of my day-to -day role, with whom I can discuss my work and my development, a support network for allowing me to progress with my PDP and a platform to raise my profile within the construction industry. Being part of the Novus has also allowed me to do some extracurricular work such as helping students through their dissertations and organising events with local charities all of which count towards my path to membership and experiences within the industry.

Joining your local CIOB Novus group is an opportunity you must take, and you will be welcomed with open arms. As a young professional we need to take every opportunity we get to boost our career early on and to stand out from the crowd. The Novus is an ideal platform to do this by developing your knowledge, skills and ultimately your career making it an opportunity that we should all take advantage of.

If you wish to find out more about your local Novus group, contact myself or visit the CIOB website


Josh Trimmer