The Bid Strategy module challenged 3rd year members on the construction course at Birmingham City University. They formed groups, created a construction company and bid for a project.

The project brief was to restore a Georgian / Victorian building called Spring Grove House in West Midlands Safari Park, Worcestershire. The building was destroyed by a fire on Christmas Eve in 2006, leaving only four walls and a chimney. Our team met up and formed the company Oaks Construction Management Ltd.

Project Total - £4,408,620 &  8 Months to build

Project Total – £4,408,620 & 8 Months to build

Oaks Construction Management Ltd – The company consitied of Aamir Saleem - Project Manager, Brandon Everson Site Manager, Sandip Patel -Financial Manager  and  Yaneet Patel - BIM Coordinator.

This company was highly successful in drafting and enabling works proposal as well as the actual restoration proposal which consisted of a 70-page document.

At the final presentation to the clients (course leaders) , Oaks CM was considered the top contractor by all the viewers, which consisted of several key construction professionals. The presentation followed with a gruelling Q & A which Oaks CM handled very well and overall was the preferred team by the experts.

We also had a website made especailly for our presentation. Oaks Construction Management Ltd  website can be found below:


We covered the various sections;

  • Project Management Plan
  • Quality Control Planning
  • Health & Safety
  • Innovative Practices Plan
  • Elemental Cost Breakdown,
  • Project Scheduling
  • Site Utilisation
  • 4D BIM model.

The Site Utilisation Plan can be found as a video

The team picture outside the university after a successful presentation to the clients – relief.

Oaks Construction Management Ltd

Article by Aamir Saleem, Brandon Everson , Sandip Patel and Yaneet Patel – BCU Construction Students