By Mitchell Searjeant (year 10)

Throughout the work experience week, I have had the opportunity to work on multiple things and tasks throughout the office. Before I got there I did a survey of my house to measure everything out and be able to use it in the time that I would be there.


This allowed me to draw my house up accordingly on AutoCAD and see how everything in my house looked from a plan view. I found AutoCAD quite intuitive and it required you to be very precise to make sure things matched and measured correctly. Now that I had a plan view of my house, I could then go and make it in 3D using Google Sketch up. This software allowed me to make the house as it looks in real life using CAD software.

When it got to Thursday, we visited a building site which was actually being planned by the Architects that I was working with. Visiting the site allowed me to get a good insight into how Architects play a very important role in the construction of a house and seeing how the plans of a house can actually lead to the building of it and how part of the job of being an architect is actually being on site.

Overall I found the whole experience very useful and helpful in showing me how architects work and what an office is like for one. Architects can work on as many as 10 projects at one time so it can be a very hard working office. Although they clearly play a vital role in the construction of a house or extension, especially as they are the go to place for anyone who needs a structurally sound extension or house designed and built.


On Site Checking the building against the drawings.


Talking to the contractor about the plans.