Help to Buy Scheme – A garden city with an initial 15,000 homes will be built at Ebbsfleet in Kent, George Osborne has announced.

Britain’s first new garden city in 100 years is to be built in Ebbsfleet in Kent, George Osborne has announced.

The Chancellor announced plans to “build for Britain” by creating the new city with 15,000 homes on the Thames Estuary.

Mr Osborne said the government’s Help to Buy scheme would also be extended until the end of the decade.┬áMr Osborne also announced that the government will extend the Help-to-Buy scheme for newly built houses until 2020, which will lead to 120,00 new homes.

Explaining the decision to choose Ebbsfleet rather than richer parts of the country, Mr Osborne said: “In Ebbsfleet there is the land available, there is fantastic infrastructure with the high speed line.

“It’s on the river, it’s in the south-east of England where a lot of the housing pressure has been.

“And crucially you’ve got local communities and local MPs who support the idea.


Source: BBC news