ashcon @ SOLENtWe intend to give back to the construction industry by creating well rounded, young professionals with the help of the contacts our community creates. We will endeavour to provide support to students, offering help and advice along their journey to success.

Using our experience as students and graduates we have been able to redesign contractor and consultant websites, advertising campaigns and the whole recruitment experience for both the employer and Graduate to provide a better and more facilitating service.

How we Started

We started a website in 2011 to sell books that students no longer needed as they progressed through university. Whilst setting up the site we noticed that students wanted to know which book would be best for each module and the second hand books that they were buying were reasonably priced. By asking the students who had already completed the modules and progressing into their 2nd and 3rd years the site could offer this advice in an informal honest way, in effect, creating a student reading list for each particular topic area.

In doing this we had created a platform on which a number of student lead projects could be created.

notebooks handout

ConstructionChat Notepads in which we printed the information we had collated in our library combined with a brief introduction to each of the modules that the students would be undertaking in their up and coming year. These were given to all the construction students at The University of Reading. These proved to be a huge success and we now produce over 2000 copies for 5 construction universities across the country.

Working with Students

post school kids

So far we have managed to initiate, organise and execute some amazing projects which involve Clients, Students and Academics. In doing so we have challenged students to become more creative, critical and decisive, allowing them to explore new concepts that they would have not before considered.

We are pro-actively giving back to the students who will be the future industry leaders by hosting:

  • Dissertation Clinics
  • Talks from professionals
  • Summer Schools
  • C.V. building days

Working with Clients

We are constantly striving to help young professionals, with a service that will aid the graduation of your course, and thereafter the development of your future. Helping you build your career. We have created great links with universities and student bodies up and down the country. By supporting students throughout their educational journey we are able to help our clients in three key ways:

  • Increase company profile within universities using unique, cost effective methods that increase student engagement
  • Improve current Graduate recruitment methods so that the best Graduates are sourced effortlessly and cost effectively in a short time period
  • We build induction and development structures for Graduates within business’ to give them identifiable goals and clarity on what is required of them

interviews with professionals